Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education

Disciplines: Information Studies; Critical Ethnic Studies; and Science and Technology Studies.

Race, Feminism, and Technology Education Situated Critical Race + Media Committee

FemTechNet, 2016- 2017
Role: Research Collaborator
Project Description: The Situated Critical Race and Media Committee creates interdisciplinary conversations, curriculum, and workshops by developing materials and activities that address issues of racialization, ethnic and cultural formation, power and identity. Our focus is on intersections of digital media and ethnic studies. Anchored in the legacy of critical race and ethnic studies, we are community activists engaged in practice-based scholarship and cultural work. We aim to engage public audiences with accessible media, community outreach, and feminisms inside and outside of the academy. For the 2017-2018 year, the committee is continuing work on a podcast/teaching module series on the intersections of race, feminism, and technology.


Implicit Bias Map Project

Center for Gender Equity in Science and Technology, Arizona State University, 2016
Role: Research Assistant
Project Description: The Center within its Advocacy focus formed the National STEM Collaborative as a consortium of 12 higher education institutions and 15 non-profit partners to scale research-based best skills and knowledge, resources and practices on access, completion, and workforce development for women of color in STEM. Developing an Implicit Bias Map is a key component of the Center’s current initiatives. The Map will draw on extensive research including focus groups with faculty and administrators. The Map in development will in turn be used as a training resource for faculty and administrators working in hiring and promotion nationwide.


Information Studies Undergraduate Education and Social Justice

Department of Information Studies, University of California Los Angeles, 2015 to 2016
Role: Research Collaborator
Project Description: With fellow doctoral students, I developed a proposal for a new undergraduate major in the Department of Information Studies (IS) at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) as part of a Winter/Spring 2015 “Teaching Training Seminar” (led by Dr. Leah Lievrouw). We assert that rich possibilities that exist within the field of Information Studies (IS) for undergraduate level education. Undergraduate majors and coursework within IS that are explicitly aligned with a critical, social justice focus have enormous potential for engendering students and future professionals that are informed, insightful and equally contributive in areas as diverse as technology and systems design, information policy and advocacy, law and government, as well as in more traditional spheres of libraries and archives. In addition, the training of undergraduates in a critical IS praxis, one that also places an emphasis on the practical applications of theories studied and explored, effectively lays the groundwork for the cultivation of potential candidates for PhD programs throughout the iSchool network; who will be able to skillfully parse with the dynamic and continuously expanding nuances of IS as a field of inquiry. This project has resulted in a proposal under consideration by the Department’s faculty.