Refereed Journal Articles

Cifor, M., Caswell, M., Migoni, A.A. & Geraci, N. (2018). ‘What We Do Crosses over to Activism’: The Politics and Practice of Community Archives. The Public Historian 40(2): 69-95.

Posner, M. & Cifor, M. (2018). Generative Tensions: Building a Digital Project on Early African American Race Film. American Quarterly 70(3): 709-713.

Cifor, M., Girma, H., Norman, S. & Posner, M. (2018). Early African-American Film Database, 1909–1930. Journal of Open Humanities Data 4.

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Cifor, M. (2017). Stains and Remains: Liveliness, Materiality, and the Archival Lives of Queer Bodies. Australian Feminist Studies 91-92: 5-21.

—. (2018). Reprinted in Dever, M. Archives and New Modes of Feminist Research. New York: Routledge.

Cifor, M., Girma, H., Lam, W., Norman, S., Posner, M., Contreras, K. & Yoshioka, A.G. (2017). Tracing a Community of Practice: A Database of Early African American Race Film. The Moving Image 17, no. 2: 101-105.

Cifor, M. & Wood, S. (Invited; 2017). Critical Feminism in the Archives.  Journal of Critical Library and Information Studies 1(2).

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Zavala, J., Migoni, A.A., Caswell, M., Geraci, N. & Cifor, M. (2017). ‘A process where we’re all at the table’: community archives challenging dominant modes of archival practice. Archives and Manuscripts 45(3): 202-215.

Caswell, M., Migoni, A.A., Geraci, N. & Cifor, M. (2016). ‘To Be Able to Imagine Otherwise’: A Framework for Understanding the Impact of Community Archives. Archives and Records 38(1): 5-26.

Cifor, M. (2016). Affecting Relations: Introducing Affect Studies to Archival Discourse. Archival Science 16(1): 7-31.

Cifor, M. (2016). Aligning Bodies: Collecting, Arranging, and Describing Hatred for a Critical Queer Archives. Library Trends 64(4): 756-775.

Caswell, M. & Cifor, M. (2016). From Human Rights to Feminist Ethics: Radical Empathy in the Archives. Archivaria 81: 23-83.

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Caswell, M., Cifor, M. & Ramirez, M.H. (2016). ‘To Suddenly Discover Yourself Existing’: Uncovering the Affective Impact of Community Archives. The American Archivist 79(1): 56-81.

Cifor, M. (2015). Presence, Absence, and Victoria’s Hair: Affect and Embodiment in Trans Archives. TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 2(4): 645-649.

Wood, S., Carbone, K., Cifor, M., Gilliland, A.J. & Punzalan, R. (2014). Mobilizing Records: Re-Framing Archival Description to Support Human Rights. Archival Science 14: 397-414.

Conference Proceedings

Cifor, M. & Garcia, P. (2019). Inscribing Gender: A Duoethnographic Examination of Gendered Values in Fitness Tracker Design. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) 52, January 2019.

Cifor, M., Montoya, R.D. & Ramirez, M.H. (2016). Developing an Undergraduate Information Studies Curriculum in Support of Social Justice. iConference 2016 Proceedings.

Cifor, M., Deshayes, J., Peaker, A., Sattar, F., Struble, S. & Vega, V. (2012). Editorial Statement. Gender, Sexuality and Urban Spaces Working Papers Collection, Graduate Consortium of Women’s Studies.

Non-Referred Publications

Lee, J.A. & Cifor, M. Evidences, Implications, and Critical Interrogations of Neoliberalism in Information Studies. Journal of Critical Library and Information Studies 2(1).

Cifor, M. (2017). Towards an AIDS Archive. Visual AIDS Web Gallery.

Cifor, M. & Gilliland, A.J. (2016). Affect and the archive, archives and their affects: an Introduction to the special issue. Archival Science 16(1): 1-6.

Wood, S.,  Cifor, M., & Illano, L. (2016). Special Issue on Gender in Education and Information Studies: Interrogating Knowledge Production, Social Structures and Equitable Access. InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies 12(1).

Wood, S., Cifor, M., & Illano, L. (2016). Introduction to Spring 2016 Issue. InterActions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies 12(2).

Cifor, M. (2014). Home and Oral Histories. June L. Mazer Archives: Making Invisible Histories Visible: A Resource Guide to the Collections, edited by McHugh, K.A., Johnson-Grau, B., & and Sher, B.R. Los Angeles: UCLA Center for the Study of Women: 61-63.



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